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One of the most prestigious kidney center in Iran and the Middle East, Hasheminejad Hospital has been founded to provide the best services in order to absorb health tourism all over the world. The most common reason for such travelling is the lack of qualified care or services in their home countries. In addition, sometimes patients prefer medical tourism because the costs of the services could be considerably less than those of their own countries. According to the latest statistics, Iran is home to 30 to 35 thousand patients annually. The medical costs in Iran are much more lower than other western countries. That being said, by providing high-quality services, Hasheminejad Hospital, in a not far future, will become a tourism hub.

Hasheminejad Hospital, being a unique and special service provider in the country, offers various services to the patients. In the division, the caring and professional nurses join forces with the hostesses to provide best services for the clients.

The International reception takes places through the international patients department from the very beginning of your entrance. All the procedures pertained to international patients such as outpatients’ reference reception, hospitalization and discharge are carried out in IPD. In the department, multilingual experts will submit to the head of the department the patient’s information given by themselves or their partners. After thorough analysis of the information, required measures will be taken in order to go through the treatment stages and reference to specialized divisions or departments. The services are provided exclusively and for VIP purposes.


  • CEO: Dr.Mohsen Abbasi
  • IPD Doctor:Dr.Hossein Saffari
  • IPD Expert:Miss.Shirin Rahimi Komijani
  • Location: Hasheminejd Kidney Center, Vali-nejad Str., Vanak Sq. Vali-e-asr Boul, Tehran, Iran.
  • Phone No:(+98)9018998075
  • Email: IPD[at]hkc.ir
  • Online Request
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